We engage the client’s associates through a fixed-term or permanent contracts, who offer their professionalism to the client company through a subordinate relationship.

About Payroll

Interesting Facts

As part of our service offering, OKOOL can provide pay rolling to our clients. Using OKOOL payroll services can help you limit both your expense and your liability. This allows your staff to focus more directly on their core functions while we become the employer for positions within your team and manage the payroll and benefits for those employees.

We are pleased to provide the Payroll and Benefits Outsourcing services at competitive rates with high level of customer satisfaction

Here are the top reasons to consider using us for your payroll services. You can limit your liability by letting OKOOL payroll candidates that you find for benefits. It allows you to extend the time before you need to pay benefits to your candidates which gives you more time to ensure that these newest additions will be a good fit.

You can reduce multiple expense areas including:

  • line item payroll expense
  • the time and expense of your internal payroll
  • Your liability or exposure to workers compensation claims

Contact us today to learn more about our full line of service offerings. We are committed to providing exceptional service, exceeding expectations and delivering on our promises