Facility Management Hard Services

About Facility Management Hard Services

Interesting Facts

Facilities Management Services

  • By assigning the well-being and upkeep of your facilities to OKOOL, we ensure that you realize tangible benefits in quality, reduced costs and risk mitigation.
  • Unexpected service failures, potential hazards to employees and unpleasant appearances of your facilities can be damaging for your business profile and perception.
  • Our Facility Management experts have the confidence in themselves to ensure that not only your business runs smoothly, it adheres to high expectations in terms of appearance, safety and cleanliness.

HVAC(Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning Services)

At a time when costs and energy efficiency are critical for every organisation,we ensure that your HVAC systems run seamlessly.

We excel in operation and maintenance of HVAC systems at government offices, educational institutions, hospitals, hotels,commercial and residential buildings, industrial complexes, malls etc.


  • Our professionals have ample experience in maintaining critical assets, guaranteeing their efficiency and continuous availability.
  • We successfully carry out operation and maintenance of sewage treatment plants, lifting stations, pumping systems, boilers, cooling plants,swimming pool equipment, among others.


We manage energy consumption and optimise building operations for comfort, continuity and performance.

We are experts in operation and maintenance of substations, power plants, lighting control systems and street lighting.

Environmental Solutions Services

Every building - be it residential, commercial, schools, hotels, restaurants, and hotels, generates substantial amounts of waste materials.

Our facilities team plays a key role in helping with the effective recycling and management of waste through various best practices.

We have expertise in installing and operating water recycling plants.