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Why is the right Headhunting the need of the hour?

What is headhunting? Why is headhunting important to find the most suitable candidate for any business? It is always favorable to choose a staffing agency who are experts in headhunting in UAE.

Headhunting can be one of the most challenging and frustrating experiences for many business owners. With the pandemic around, finding quality candidates with relevant experience is becoming increasingly difficult. Studies have shown that almost 30% of information on a CV is false and misleading. Record numbers of job seekers are studying predatory interview techniques, making it more likely than ever that unqualified candidates will end up in mission critical roles in businesses. Unqualified hires can cost a company or business more than the cost of the employee's annual salary, in terms of lost sales and excessive training costs.

Filling a position can take weeks for an entry level position, and months for higher level managerial positions. During this time, many co-workers and managers are forced to pick up the unfinished work created by this empty position. Longer hours, more client frustration, anxiety and depression can all be caused by an understaffed company.

Luckily, there are many headhunting services that can eliminate much of the hassle and frustration involved with filling a vacant position. Finding high quality candidates requires a headhunter who knows the details of the field he or she needs to fill. Okool, a leading headhunting service provider can help you find the most appropriate candidate for your vacancy. When using a headhunting service, it's possible to weed out lots of unqualified and inexperienced candidates quickly and professionally, leaving only the most qualified and talented individuals for hires.

Headhunting services can proactively locate candidates from a variety of sources. While many companies post a job opening or hire from within, a headhunter can source talent from a wide variety of sources. Social media websites, networking sites, and industry publications are studied to find individuals who are making the most notable and successful impact in their industries. Many of the employees best suited for a vacant position may not actively be in a job search, and must be persuaded to pursue opportunities outside their current companies. The highest quality human talent is usually already in a job position, providing value for other companies.

A professional talent search has many benefits for an employer in reduced liability. Modern businesses are forced to defend themselves from job seekers, co-workers, and clients who will sue them at the smallest provocation. During the hiring process, a charge of discrimination can cost a company millions, and can destroy the reputations of both managers and the company. It's critical in a judicious society to use safe hiring practices and interview techniques. Professional headhunters can work proactively with an internal human resources team to pursue the best individuals for a job. Many human resources departments are responsible for many aspects of a business, and may inadvertently ask illegal questions or discriminatory questions during an interview. A human resources employee who isn't trained in psychological interviewing techniques or results-driven interviewing may hire a candidate who is likable but unqualified.

Professional job-hunters can be a critical asset to many businesses, providing critical human talent in a sea of unknowns. Okool provides professional headhunting service across the United Arab Emirates. Experienced consultants in Okool are experienced in handling human resources in specific sectors. The best experienced, qualified and efficient candidates are found and provided with the right opportunity. The exceptional team of headhunters are expert in finding the right person for the position in a very short time period.