Let the networking begin

Pleasant climes are here again and people have begun to venture out. Summer networking is a great opportunity to socialise. There is no telling what new job opening a conversation could lead up to. Rooftop get-togethers, pool parties, golf club lunches, BBQs and weekend parties are going to be tested as life must go on. Here is what the best staffing agencies like Okool would suggest:

Take the time to centre yourself before diving into a room full of people. It is helpful to make a mental note of what you want to reveal about yourself without coming off as too intense for a first meeting. Sometimes people just want a one-liner, not endless conversation about what you do for a living. Get that elevator-pitch ready.

Keep those business cards updated and ready but pull one out of your pocket only if the situation is ripe for it. Remember that any productive meetings are only a bonus at the end of a casual lunch/party. So cherish the time that you have there to indulge in small pleasures.

Don’t be pushy. Networking is just that, a chance to meet and make sure you are remembered. A quick introduction about one’s professional background and that’s that. If there is a requirement, the enquiry will come of its own.

Ask open-ended questions about those you are introduced to. Listen with genuine interest as they talk about themselves. Networking includes interacting with new people so don’t gravitate only towards familiar faces.

Steer clear of controversial topics. Remember you are not there to prove a point or go on an ego trip. Keep it pleasant and save the arguments for another time. Learn the art of subtleties.

Make a mental note of those to whom you did have an elaborate conversation so that there is a chance for a follow-up.

Find groups that engage in the same activities that you do too. People who follow similar interests can always be invited for an event.

Don’t skip that reunion. Whether a family or a school reunion, it might be the opportunity to find new common ground.