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Tips to Choose The Right Employment Staffing Agencies

Know your staffing agency much before you hire them. The business and the staffing agency should work hand in hand in transparency to get the best candidate for a vacant position.

Staffing companies are finding it difficult to find the top talents due to competitive staffing trends. Be it an organization, consultant or headhunters is facing issues with human management as the battle for finding the best talent is always on. With the current pandemic situation, with the economy on the verge of a break, businesses from various industries are just ready to offer anything and everything, employment positions, and other perks & lucrative offers if the talent is a right-fit and deserving for their company needs. It does not matter how intense the talent war for various industries is or might present, companies will still do everything to design the best creative pool of right-fit applicants & targeted candidates.

In these adverse times when companies are trying their best to float, It is very important to know how to pick the right Staffing company for both employers & job-seeking candidates. Whether you are going to hire OR looking for a job opportunity, you can find the right recruitment agency for you by calculating on key factors like agency reputation, work practices, business policies and their costs. Here is a quick list of tips that you can take care while choosing staffing companies in UAE for captivating the best talent in your company.

  • Work History and Company profile: Choosing a perfect staffing agency might be a little tedious job. It requires a good knowledge about their work and also taking into account the expertise of areas of the specific industry they serve for. Always check for the companies the staffing agency works for, check whether your demand can be met by the agency. As of now, there is an urge in individuals willing to work cross-industry which makes the recruitment process a little hectic.
  • Do your work beforehand: Professional associations connected with specific sectors are also helpful in providing a list of agencies to the employer looking for manpower urgently. This helps in finding the right agency that can provide the right manpower on the requirement in a short time period.
  • Finding the right source: Find out for a direct source to find qualified candidates with the skills and expertise to join the business in a more effortless process. Also, getting along with agencies that provide a comprehensive suite of services will be more beneficial for you in the long-term customized system support like handling payroll, workers' compensation and other administrative tasks and requirements. Okool provides expert services in staffing, Emiratisation, headhunting, payroll, PRO and recruitment.
  • Mutual Growth in Business: There should be clear and proper communication between the company and the staffing agency so that no assumptions take place. It also involves knowing the agency well in advance about their business, asking for references & then checking, what are the processes they follow in connecting the prospective staff employees to the organizations' staffing requirements, how they would use the latest technology tools etc.

Okool staffing solution is an ideal choice for your business if you are in urgent need of manpower. They understand the priority and how the current pandemic situation has affected the business and the employees. Okool follows the following methods in providing the right talents for your business.

  • Streamlined process, beginning with hiring manager’s input and requirements
  • Customized sourcing and screening for site-specific positions
  • Incorporate sophisticated candidate tracking software in order to provide instant candidate recognition and reporting capabilities
  • Utilize multiple resources to reach both passive and active candidates, including internet, newspaper and marketing tools
  • Generate a high volume of candidates through job postings, resume mining, social media recruiting, marketing and advertising
  • Develop candidate pools for deadline-driven results
  • Create a structured screening process to identify qualified candidates and mitigate turnover.