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Let's talk about Remote Hiring

The pandemic has caused the staffing solution providers in the UAE to find new ways to connect with candidates and to make the hiring process more hassle-free. Remote Hiring is the latest trend in the staffing solutions in UAE.

The economy needs to function smoothly and for this to happen, human resources need to be always available. The pandemic has forced the staffing industry to break norms and find new ways in supporting global business. With social distancing in place and restrictions on travelling, remote hiring becomes the best method of supplying human resources for companies in need. Choosing the right outsourcing company from the lot is quite difficult. Moreover with first-time entrants into outsourcing, there are many options available now. Should they contract with a freelancer, go in for the outright project outsourcing model or better still, hire a virtual or a remote employee?

Companies can definitely try hiring freelancers, but it's tedious to find the right freelancer from the many freelancing websites. Moreover, there won’t be a standardised charge and one needs to select a person based on their skills and experience in the domain of work. Hiring remotely is exactly like hiring a local employee with the only difference being that the candidates would not be physically present before the employer.

Okool, a leading staffing solution provider in UAE explains the processes involved in remote hiring.

The process of hiring starts from resumes the candidate receives. We check all the resumes and sort it by the requirement. After which, we shortlist the most likely ones. For this process, we post the requirements in various job portals, post job descriptions through various mediums, till we get responses from desired candidates.

Once the candidate resumes are received, we sift the chaff from the grain. Obviously, not all contenders would be suitable for the job, our task is to find the best among the lot. The shortlisted candidates are then interviewed using skype, google meet or zoom. Face to face interview through video conferencing is a must. Interviews put a face to the name and an entity to the resumes besides giving us a real insight into how the candidate actually matches up to our expectations and their resume details.

We assign tests to selected candidates to measure their skills and competence. By having them compete against each other on a common platform allows us to get visibility on the qualifications and expertise level of each candidate. The best candidate will be called again for a video interview to finalise.

If you are too busy with the business chores and finding it hard to manage the above-mentioned process by yourself, then maybe you can contact Okool. Okool can take care of your non-core business functions providing complete solutions right from scanning resumes, job posting, arranging interviews and assigning tests. The final word would still be of the clients and they can decide whether the interviewed candidates were suitable or whether they needed to see more resumes before making a final decision.

For small nonprofits, adding new staff isn't easy since most groups only have a limited budget to work with. However, choosing not to add new employees may limit their potential to grow. Hiring workers remotely is recommended so they can have the extra hands they need without spending too much.

Okool ensures that their clients receive the best outsourcing service smoothly and hassle-free. The unique recruitment method of Okool provides the client’s organisation complete control and authority over the employee selection process.