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Introducing New Normal in employment sector

News: The World Economic Forum has brought out few insights about the global workforce for the current year. In the wake of the pandemic, there have been drastic changes in many work spaces and employees. Staffing agencies across the world should work together to bring the economies back in order. Read the data and conclusions put forth from the forum.

By 2025, 85 million jobs will be moved and 97 million jobs will be added, reports World Economic Forum report. This makes it clear that we need people to move into new roles and sectors. The Global Private employment service can play a major role in this. The time is ripe now for staffing companies to shine and stay ahead in the race by providing expert recruitments and employment experts.

The Alliance Task force ran the World Employment Confederation with the theme, adapting to rapid and unrelenting change. Okool observes the five examples put forward by the global sector during this transition time.

  • According to the International Labour Organisation, 400 million jobs were lost in the second quarter of 2020. Retail, trade, transportation, hospitality and manufacturing sectors in the free market economy were the worst hit. Across the world, governments are trying to stabilize the situation by opening up new opportunities in the sectors that were running. Staffing companies play a pivotal role in helping people who lost their jobs due to pandemic to transition back into work as soon as possible.
  • In most countries, staffing companies are helping individuals to find positions in sectors and roles that aren’t much affected or where the demand for the staff remains strong. Recently, pilots from aviation sectors were working as drone pilots for logistic companies. Individuals need guidance and support to negotiate these transitions. Staffing companies like Okool in UAE have found recognition by providing human resources to various industry sectors and in turn helping the government to sustain the economy.
  • 81 percent of the global workforce has been affected by the pandemic lockdown measures, which is about 2.7 billion workers. Staffing companies play a pivotal role in ensuring safe return to workplaces in the light of changing employers and policy makers. Studies among workers have reported that workers are facing the most stressful time in their career. The mental health of the workers is becoming a subject of concern. Advising individuals the best possible approaches to deal with the current situation makes a staffing company help in standing a step higher than others.
  • The new normal has created a considerable shift in how work is perceived. Individuals who are ready to cross over sectors and have multiple skill sets are finding opportunities. People are now re-evaluating their career options and planning ahead, reports say individuals are seen with increased ownership. Staffing companies need to help the current workers and job seekers to negotiate the brave new world of work. Awareness has to be spread to the coming generation as we are all unsure about the lifespan of the current pandemic. Students should be aware of evolving skill needs, of different ways of working and of the need for a flexible and growth-oriented mindset
  • The new normal has boosted the spread of automation and AI in jobs which can make the situation worse considering the current situation. Workers need to have a new skill set and evolving expectations. It is essential to keep the employment sector running, and balanced. As well as boosting perceptions and political influence, the ability to make sense of a complex environment can open new doors and new markets for the sector.

The staffing agencies should radically enhance their role, reputation and impact to the new industry standards. The ability to facilitate transitions, adapt to change and make a positive impact on a fluid world of work is driving the global industry forward despite the ongoing scenario.