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Jobs in Demand in a Post-COVID World

As one of the best job agencies in the UAE, here is what we at Okool have been keenly watching: the pandemic has changed the way things work around the world for good. While life as we know it came to a standstill last year, people also put their creativity to use and continued to make life work for them with the internet. For the same reason, there has been a spurt in the growth of social media use like never before. If not for the digital connect, there would have been more far-reaching consequences as a result of simply being cut off from each other. So here is a list of the top jobs that are in demand as we acclimatize to an environment amidst the pandemic:

Mental health specialists: Behaviour therapists, psychotherapists, mental health technicians

Healthcare support staff: Home nurse, healthcare assistant, pharmacy technician

E-commerce personnel: Personal shoppers, supply chain associates, package handlers, drivers

Education professionals: Online teaching assistants, education consultants

Loan, mortgage experts: Loan closers, Escrow officers, underwriters, mortgage loan officers

Data scientists: Indian data science domain is on the rise, advanced analytics, predictive modelling and data science. In times of uncertainty, companies relying on data, demand for data analysts who can sort through information quickly.

AI Engineers: India needs more artificial intelligence engineers as the demand is only going to rise on a daily basis.

Digital content creators & marketers: YouTubers, bloggers, podcasters; SEO specialists, growth hackers, social media managers

Workplace diversity co-ordinators: Inclusion aides, diversity officers with experience in community outreach, teaching and organisational development

Full stack developers: Web development overall, front-end and back-end operations, maintenance and functioning,

The pandemic showed us that those on the frontline were the true heroes. But with the situation still unpredictable, the ones out there will soon be overcome by fatigue. More personnel will be in high demand in e-commerce as the virus has ensured that everything is carried out with safety measures in place. From health check-ups to educational classes, counselling, career guidance, social media content creation that engages a worldwide audience, there will be very few jobs that can exist without the aid of technology in the times to come. Okool’s job agencies in UAE and India, like to make sure that clients stay on top of their game and are ready to meet any demand as the situation requires.