Diversity in the Workplace

Diversity is a topic that cannot be ignored anymore. The world is growing into a global network where differences merge to create more harmony. As one of the best job recruitment agencies in Dubai, we understand the need for an inclusive work environment. A thriving inclusive environment is a great marker of a healthy workplace for potential employees as they assess the values of the company that interview them. Here are some key factors that should be kept in mind by the best recruitment companies to guarantee a balanced workplace environment for their clients:


Women are an increasing presence in the workspace despite a pay gap that is prevalent the world over. There are more women empowering themselves with an education, proving themselves to be more hardworking too. Apart from pay gaps, bias, harassment, limited career growth are all factors that set an unfair end to the careers of many promising women. The best recruitment companies promote unbiased hiring where all genders have an equal chance at an opportunity.


Equal representation of ethnic groups is essential as companies take their Diversity & Inclusion strategies seriously. Ethnic groups are at the receiving end of bias. Their limited representation does not help take the motive forward. Ethnically diverse hiring is now a conscious step in many organisations and is bound to show positive results.


It is common knowledge that bias on the basis of race is intolerable. With movements towards a more inclusive world based on unity of strength gaining momentum, it is only sensible that companies include personnel from all races in their workspaces. A multi-cultural work environment sets the tone for a peaceful tomorrow. The global village as we know it is a reality now. What company would want to stay in a time bubble where they can offer little scope for personal growth and development to employees.

Workers with disabilities

In a rapidly advancing world, top IT companies such as Microsoft, IBM etc are including ‘neurodiverse’ talent in their worksphere. People with certain mental challenges also prove to be more skilled than other workers, and so the former prove to be a great asset to the organisation. While their challenges range from social relationship disorders to mental health, to those related to vision, movement, learning, communication and physical disabilities, it is a diverse group in itself which, if given a chance, can earn a rightful place in leading a life of dignity.


With a labour force that draws the retirement age at 60, workplaces are losing out on a wealth of experience acquired by retirees who are still raring to go. As companies cut costs by opting instead for entry-level workers, it is a loss for the company and its younger employees apart from adding the baggage of ageing to older workers who can instead mentor younger workers and inspire them with real examples at the workplace.