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Challenges of a staffing agency

Staffing agency tries to maintain a balance between the demand and supply of manpower by providing the right candidate with the right business to work. The IT sector is one global work platform where staffing is required from all parts of the world to provide the best solutions for business.

Staffing is the process through which the right candidate is provided with the right job responsibilities. Staffing is a decisive factor of any company because the company requires the right manpower to utilize its resources, be that machine, capital, or material. Therefore, it becomes a keen responsibility for human resource management to assign the right duties to the right candidate and at the right time. Candidates are chosen according to their skills, qualification, experience, aptitude, and other management criteria. With increasing demand in jobs, it becomes a challenge for staffing agencies to find the right human resource. Unlike before, now staffing and outsourcing agencies have a brand value. Companies wish to lead the race of competition and be the first name to cross the minds of consumers for the particular product or services offered by them. To have this objective fulfilled, they need the best human resources. Companies are looking forward to effective global staffing such as Okool, a leading staffing agency in the UAE, for resolving issues. Staffing agencies mix local employees, employees from native countries, and from foreign countries that will help companies attain organizational goals. Okool is experts in Emiratisation which means they help in retaining and acquiring talents for the better economic growth of the United Arab Emirates.

There are different kinds of global employees:

  • Expatriate - Expatriate is a person who is not the citizen of the country in which he/she is working with an organization, but is a citizen of the country in which the headquarter of an organization is located.
  • Host country national - The employees under this category are people who are working in an organization which is located in the same country of which they are the citizen of. But, the organization is headquartered in another country.
  • Third country national - Employees under the third country are the citizens of one country, working with an organization in a second country which is headquartered in a third country.

The IT sector is one of the main industries relying on the global workforce. The world across people are recruited to fill in the requirements of many international organizations. Okool has been helping people to find the right IT placement for deserving candidates. Going forward they explain the challenges of IT sector staffing.

  • Inadequate staffing: Many CIO’s of companies report that understaffing of the IT department in their company has affected in implementing innovative and new technology. During the pandemic, several companies have laid off their employees without understanding the fact that once the lockdown is lifted, new employees have a tough time in getting along with the technology.
  • Updated skills: Companies need to provide essential IT training to their employees at regular intervals to keep them updated. Outdated skill sets can affect the well being of the business. No company needs to lose its competitive advantage. If training isn’t budget-friendly, the company can opt for organizing tie-ups with IT training institutes or provide monthly IT journals.
  • Retaining the employees: The IT sector is always competitive and it is important to retain the top-performing employees. Compensation of course remains to be an important factor, but there are other factors as well - training and appreciation of a worker, which greatly influences the retention rate of a business.
  • Scarcity of Talent: The demand and supply of talent verse requirement is a huge gap that needs to be mended. Filling an IT position is always tough as it's always hectic to find the right talent for the position. This has contributed to the rising demand for staffing agencies that specialize in finding and recruiting IT professionals. Technology is important but people are more important, especially when the technology is in high demand.
  • Finding replacements: Staffing agencies help CIO find a quick replacement if a resource feels like leaving the project midway. With too many things to handle, it would be tough for the company HR to find the right skilled labor to continue the project. It is therefore always desirable to find the right staffing agency to work with much ahead of such a crisis.

Okool staffing agency

Okool staffing agency has a decade long experience in providing manpower to various industries across the Middle east. Headquartered in Abu Dhabi with offices spread across UAE and India, it has become one of the most trusted staffing and outsourcing companies. OKOOL is registered and licensed by the Federal Government of UAE to perform outsourcing activities and for deputation services across UAE.

With the covid-19 pandemic, Okool has been supporting the new workforce making drastic changes to accommodate all kinds of requirements to deliver high-impact solutions. Okool serves various government organizations, private clients to achieve their business goals and enhance their competitiveness. Okool combines the local force and global market segments to place skilled labour for better sustainable societies across the globe.